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We provide a platform for web-based training and perform multicenter studies for improvement of this treatment in the upper gastrointestinal tract

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Endoscopic vacuum therapy is a paradigm shifting treatment for transmural defects in the upper GI tract

Expert panel EVT - Amsterdam University Medical Centers


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ISDE 2024 @ Edinburgh

Sunday September 22 9:15-10:30 – Oral Abstracts Session 2: Interventional Endoscopy

Vacuum-Stent Treatment for Transmural Defects in the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: Experience and Case Series in a Tertiary Referral Center by Lisanne M. D. Pattynama



Recent publication

Lisanne M. D. Pattynama, Wietse J. Eshuis, Stefan Seewald, Roos E. Pouw

Multi-modality management of defects in the gastrointestinal tract: Endoscopic vacuum therapy in the upper gastrointestinal tract


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